What Most Women Do Not
Know About Homebirth

Are you looking for the TRUTH about birthing at home? Do you want to know the real differences between home, hospital and birth center birth? How about finding out if YOU should think about a home birth? Take the free home birth quiz to learn about the facts, and if home birth is right for you.

Take a close look at homebirth and discover things like:

  • The major “intervention” that happens in every birth at a hospital or birth center that can directly affect the safety of your child!
  • Is homebirth safe or not? Says who?
  • Is homebirth a smart choice if you don’t have health insurance?
  • The only way you can truly protect the privacy of your birth and the control you have over it.
  • How “routine testing” can sabotage your chance at having a normal, low risk pregnancy.
  • How vaginal exams in labor may be unnecessary and lead to other interventions.
  • How your care provider may contribute to a hemorrhage after birth… just by touching you or putting a hat on your baby!
  • How to educate yourself so that you have the lowest chance of a surgical birth as possible.

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Knowing exactly WHO will be at my labor/birth is important to me.
Since birth is primarily a physical event, I think it's important to focus on THAT instead of the emotional, spiritual and mental side of things.
When my baby is born, I want myself or my partner to be the first to touch the baby, not a doctor or midwife.
I believe that credentialed professionals and clear regulations are needed to make birth safe.
It is the responsibility of my birth attendant (doctor, midwife, etc.) to make sure the birth goes well.
As the mother, I play an active and important role in my pregnancy and birth experience.
Although I might ask for advice and assistance from trained care providers during pregnancy and birth, I will ultimately make my own decisions about what is right for me.
I believe that rules and regulations of governing bodies have no authority to tell me what I can and cannot do in relation to my pregnancy and birth.
Discovering the most effective ways to bond with my baby (as well as learning about actions that interrupt that process) is important to me.
I am willing to investigate emotional and spiritual issues that could keep me from having the birth I want.